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Phone Hypnosis, Webcam Hypnosis, and Online Hypnosis sessions are perfect for those clients who are not able to schedule an in person hypnosis session. Eli Bliliuos is an experienced online hypnotist / phone hypnotist who can assist you with a variety of challenges including stop smoking, weight loss, overcome fears, confidence, agoraphobia and many more. Please review the Specialty Area page for additional areas that hypnosis can help improve or overcome.

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A typical first session consists of an intake, hypnosis to address the area of opportunity, and teaching the client self hypnosis. The intake portion involves answering any questions the client might have, discussing the exact nature of the problem, and identifying exactly what a client wants to achieve. Under hypnosis, the client will receive a suggestion that will assist in promoting accelerated change. The client will also receive a recording of a hypnosis session that can be downloaded onto a computer or an iPod.

How to Prepare:

  1. Pre-pay for your session, and fill out the form above completely.
  2. Fill out the intake form that you receive via e-mail and send it back.
  3. On the day of the session, prepare an area that will allow you to lay down with your head propped up by a few pillows.
  4. Ensure that you will not be disturbed in the space you select.
  5. Eli Bliliuos will call you at the agreed upon date and time via phone or Skype (Webcam) to conduct the session

Whether you live too far away from a highly rated hypnotist or you are housebound, online hypnotism, webcam hypnotism, and phone hypnotism are within your reach. Online hypnosis, also referred to as online hypnotherapy is fast becoming the solution of choice. In fact, webcam hypnotherapy is the best hypnosis option for folks who struggle with agoraphobia and are unable to leave their homes. An online hypnotherapist can be your guide to facilitate an accelerated change.

Click HERE to Call: 305-455-9476

Phone, Webcam, and Online Hypnosis Terms & Conditions:

Please note that once a payment is received (via PayPal or Cash) for future webcam, phone, or online sessions, it is subject to a 35% cancellation fee in addition to a fee for all PayPal fees incurred, regardless of if the sessions are scheduled or not. All refunds will be processed within 30 days.

Although numerous studies support the achievement of favorable results through hypnosis, by law the services we render are held out to the public as non-therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. We do not represent our services as any form of medical, behavioral or mental health care, and despite favorable research to the contrary, by law, we may make no health benefit claims for our services.

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