Past Life Regression

Miami Past Life RegressionHave you ever met someone for the very first time and felt like you had known them all your life?

Have you ever been walking down the street on a bright summer day and known in your heart you had experienced that moment once before?

Or maybe you’ve had feelings about certain life situations that seem impossible to explain. Life just seems confusing and your purpose is unclear.

You are not alone. Nearly 60 percent of people have had some déjà vu type of experience in their lives. Imagine if you could explore these feelings from a new perspective, say, from that of a former life you have lived.

Experiences from previous lifetimes may be holding you back from living your best life here, in the present. Confusion sets in from time to time, and you may feel stuck…not knowing what your next move should be. Our specialized hypnosis sessions may be the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding these feeling.

Trained by Brian Weiss

During our sessions, clients are taken back to their prior existences to explore their previous lifetime experiences. Clients are drawn to past life regression for a number of reasons; some are just curious, some want to better understand thoughts, feelings, or actions, certain relationships…whatever the case may be, past life regression hypnosis has helped many to understand previously confusing feelings of pain, suffering or fear. Knowing the root cause of such feelings has helped our clients overcome these limiting beliefs, work towards a more spiritual and emotionally balanced existence, and basically live a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

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What does a past life regression entail? Clients can identify the souls they may have come into contact with in a previous life and understand the roles they play in each other’s lives. Whether these roles are constructive or destructive, when a better understanding is reached, people are then better equipped to let go of these past life experiences and move on to live more abundant lives in the present. Feelings of confusion or inadequacy are gone. Those feelings many times are explained through the experiences that resurface during hypnosis and can be dealt with and released.

One of the many reasons for a Miami past life regression would be to eliminate unexplained fears and phobias. Take, for instance, one’s fear of spiders. There may be no good reason for this individual to be deathly afraid of spiders, but in a previous life this person may have had a traumatic experience with spiders that has carried over into their current life. These traumas are revealed through hypnosis, allowing the client to let go of their current fears. At that point, the healing can begin.

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Just as past life regression helps you to identify and deal with negative experiences, it can in turn allow you to become acquainted with skills or other constructive lessons learned in past lives that may have some benefit to your current life. Quite often clients find that they possessed a hidden talent in their previous life that they have yet to discover in this life. Ever wonder why you may have a longing to paint but don’t have an artistic bone in your body? Eli Bliliuos facilitates a number of various, specialized regression hypnosis sessions that have proven to be extraordinarily beneficial to his clients.

This particular type of hypnosis session has helped thousands of people just like you come to a better understanding of the challenges they encounter. Thoughts of uncertainty, torment, and longing can be explained through past life experiences that are, for whatever reason, repressed in your present life. In short, past life regression hypnosis is a way to get in touch with your previous life experiences and use them to gain further insight into what it is that truly makes you tick.

One of the best parts of past life regression is that it has been proven to be safe, natural and effective regardless of your beliefs in reincarnation. If you are willing to keep an open mind and follow our system, Eli will help you not only unearth past life experiences but show you how to integrate those experiences into your present life. This process allows you to make the best use of your previous life experiences and helps you to understand how your past life intersects with your present life.

A Little More About Our Sessions and Facilitator

Your sessions with Eli are recorded. We are happy to provide you with a download **”video” recording of your session as well.

To fully prepare for your session, we ask that you take some time to consider the most influential relationships in your life. Write down the top 5-10 and bring them with you to your session. Every type of relationship should be considered, whether it was positive or negative in nature. Please also write down the first name of the person and briefly describe the nature of the relationship. The list can include anyone from relatives or past loves to friends or teachers.

We also ask that you limit your caffeine intake and eat a healthy, substantial breakfast. It would be beneficial as well to prepare 3 questions that you would most like to have answered.

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Eli Bliliuos, founder and CEO of The New York Hypnosis Institute, received his formal training at the Brian Weiss Institute as well as the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression as well as the . Mr. Bliliuos considers his work with various types of hypnosis to be his purpose in life, and is dedicated to providing exceptional sessions to his clients. He currently practices in New York City as well as Miami & Hollywood FL.

** Video and audio recordings are not guaranteed, as failures of equipment and file transfers do happen that are beyond the control of the NY Hypnosis Institute, LLC.

Even though many people have profound experiences, regressions experiences vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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