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Miami Life Between Lives RegressionAm I living my true purpose in life?

Why am I constantly fighting the same battles day after day?

What is causing me to feel or think the way I do?

Is there really life after death?

What is my true identity?

There is a world far beyond the world we know. It is the spirit world, and prior to you coming into your earthly body you had been a part of that world full of love and energy. You were given admission to an infinite supply of wisdom and love. At some point, however, your subconscious chose a different path…to reenter this physical world and continue your earthly education and keep on nurturing your spirit. The only way this can be made possible is if you completely remove all of the wonderful things you had access to in the spiritual world.

We can change the rules. You may be able to tap into that knowledge with the help of a Life Between Lives Regression or LBL.

The LBL can be an incredibly powerful tool. During your LBL, we help you retrieve memories your soul collected during your time in the spirit world. Your mind will be in a super-conscious state in order to access these memories. You will then be able to use the knowledge you gain to answer life’s big questions such as:

• Why am I here?
• What is my purpose?
• Why have I chosen the partners I have chosen?
• Why have I had the life experiences I have had?
• What lessons has my soul learned from previous experiences?
• Are the events of this life impacted by an event from a previous life?

The Hypnosis Institute of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale’s founder, Eli Bliliuos, received his formal instruction from the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression. Mr. Bliliuos stated, “I feel very strongly that LBL and Past Life Regression are my life’s passions. Hypnosis has the potential to help so many live more fulfilling lives. I am privileged to provide these services to my clients and feel I am truly doing what I love.”

What can I expect from an LBL session?

As stated earlier, and LBL experience can give a client insight into their soul’s recollections from past lives. This information can be incredibly useful in understanding the events in one’s current life…why you make the choices you do, why you attract the people you do…and so on.

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LBL sessions are amazing. The first step is to help the client regress back to their days as a young child. Memories from this time period are accessed, and then we move on even further back to when the client was simply a couple months old. Regressing further, we access the client’s memories while in their mother’s womb. These memories can tell us the client’s first feelings about their mother.

Traveling even further back, we enter the client’s past life. The client may even become aware of the specific details of this life such as their name, where they lived, their age, the time period in which they lived, as well as how they felt about their life at that time. It is interesting to gain access to the memories of the people client’s chose to surround themselves with in past lives and see an uncanny resemblance to those in their present life. Past lives can look very similar to our present lives; challenges we face may be the same, people we know may be comparable. Having the ability to tap into past lives and revisit those experiences can lead us down the path we are meant to travel in our current lives and even provide an opportunity to heal old wounds.

During our session, we take clients through the events in their past lives that had the most impact on them; somewhat of a life summary of sorts. There will come a time when we will reach the client’s moment of death in their previous life. At this point, the client will become keenly aware of the purpose of that life and the lessons they are now able to take away from it into their current life.

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Clients who come to us for LBL sessions are not always aware of their past presence in the spiritual world. It is only through these sessions that they awaken to that reality. It is commonplace for a client to meet their “spiritual guide” while traveling back into a previous life. This “guide” very well may have been with this person for many lives, gently nudging them this way or that, and keeping a close eye on them. There also may be not only one, but many guides that influence particular aspects of each life lived. Some may travel with you to other lives, while some do their duty and simply fade away. It is the job of these spirits to guide us and support us down the paths which we must travel. As we muster through life’s biggest struggles, clients find during their LBL sessions that it was during these times that they saw the most growth. The members of our soul group are like actors in a play; each taking on their role in order for us to become who we were truly meant to be.

While clients travel through these past lives, they collect information that may help them to understand their current life situations. They see, in a sense, who they were and how far they have come; the challenges they have faced and what they have gained for these experiences. They are able to see their purpose, and thus clarity is achieved.
How much time should I set aside for my session?

Each session is about 3 hours in length. NOTE: We have a prerequisite for our LBL sessions. Clients must have gone through at least one Past Life Regression before continuing onto an LBL session. The understanding gained from the PLR session will help you more easily receive and decipher the information from the LBL session.

Should I bring anything with me to my session?

Great question! Yes, it would be beneficial for you to bring the following items:

• A list of the primary relationships that you treasure as well as the people you consider to be the closest to. Include as much specific information about each person as you can.
• Also be sure to jot down a few questions you may want to have answered.

We also advise that you get adequate rest and do not take long trips on your session day. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast that does not include too many fluids or caffeine.

While most clients have amazing experiences, session experiences are not guaranteed.

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