Emotional Eating Hypnosis

Miami Emotional Eating Hypnotherapist Ft LauderdaleImagine being in control of your life and no longer falling victim to your subconscious desire for food when you are stressed or upset… 

If you struggle with emotional eating, you probably ask yourself questions like –

“I know I am not hungry, so why do I eat?”

“Is there something that can help me stop reaching for food when I’m stressed?”

“I feel worse after I eat, so why do I do it?”

When you are an emotional eater, you know that food is used as a source of comfort, and sometimes even a crutch, that helps you deal with stress, and emotional situations. The problem is, after eating, you probably feel guilty, depressed, and even ashamed of yourself. Odds are, you probably have told yourself time and time again that you will not overeat or eat foods that you work to avoid, and then you have a bad day or have to deal with a particular situation and end up eating. You may even use food as a companion when you feel lonely or use it to fill a void in your life. Whatever the reason for your emotional eating, it causes strife that has a negative impact on your life.


Being able to deal with stress, voids, and emotions in a healthy, positive way

Enjoying a life that is completely free from emotional eating

Feeling more in control of your life and behaviors

Ft. Lauderdale emotional eating hypnosis effectively stops emotional eating because it deals directly with where the issue starts – the subconscious mind. You see, your subconscious mind has been recording every detail of your life and using these recordings to guide your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. At some point in your life, your subconscious recorded started using some bit of data that is leading it to influence you to eat when you’re emotional. Hypnosis helps you identify that bit of data, and then reprogram how your subconscious mind views that data. In this way, your habit of emotional eating can be released. Your hypnotist can then plant positive suggestions to the subconscious that can help you deal with your emotions in a more healthy way. In fact, your hypnotist can train your subconscious to want a walk, exercise, or even a long hot bath when you would normally reach for food.

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Miami emotional eating hypnosis is highly effective at identifying why you overeat, eat when you aren’t hungry, or eat foods that you do not want to eat, and then changing this behavior. Emotional eating hypnosis is safe, easy, and natural and works quickly, often in as little as two sessions. Hypnosis has no side effects, and is so simple that you will feel relaxed and comfortable, much like the way you feel when you are engrossed in a project, hobby, or good book. Ft. Lauderdale emotional eating hypnosis helps you eliminate your emotional eating, so you can once again use food as sustenance instead of comfort. Hypnosis helps you create positive change in your life so you can accomplish your goals and enjoy doing so.

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