Claustrophobia Hypnosis

Miami Claustrophobia Hypnotherapist Ft Lauderdale hypnosisImagine being able to enter an elevator without experiencing any stress, anxiety, or fear…

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you probably ask yourself things like –

“Why can’t I simply get on the train to get around the city?”

“Will I ever be able to ride in an elevator?”

“How do I get past this fear?”

When you suffer from claustrophobia, you know the struggle. Every time you get in a tight space, like an elevator or subway, the walls start to close in and the air seems to suck right out of the space. You probably tell yourself that you are not afraid, but it does no good. For some, the claustrophobia is so severe, they can’t even think about getting in a confined space. You probably have readjusted your life so that you never have to face your phobia. In other words, you’re living life with limits, and it’s time to stop. Miami claustrophobia hypnosis can help you break through the fear barriers that are holding you back.


Being able to not only ride an elevator, but feeling calm and relaxed while doing so

Living your life the way you want to, without fear barriers

Having freedom from your phobia and being in control

Ft. Lauderdale claustrophobia hypnosis is highly effective at eliminating your phobia. In fact, it is often considered to be the best claustrophobia therapy option available. Hypnosis is so effective because it works within the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the part of the mind that stores everything you experience in life. It started recording your life from the very beginning, and uses these stored experiences to guide your thoughts and actions today. Sometimes though, a memory can become distorted, causing your subconscious to make you feel or do things that you wouldn’t normally feel. Phobias, like claustrophobia is a result of such a distortion. Miami claustrophobia hypnosis can reprogram how your subconscious interprets the distorted memory, so your phobia can be released.

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Miami claustrophobia hypnosis sessions will allow your hypnotist to guide you into a state of deep internal focus where they will then be able to access the subconscious. From there, the trigger of your claustrophobia can be identified and reframed so your mind no longer initiates the panic response when you are in tight, confined places. Several methodologies may be used during your session, including visualization, which will allow you to “see” yourself being perfectly comfortable in a small space, and positive suggestion in which your hypnotist implants positive truths directly to the subconscious.

Ft. Lauderdale hypnosis sessions work quickly to alleviate your fears, often in as little as one or two sessions. Hypnosis is safe and has no side effects, and feels much like when you ‘get lost’ in concentration or in a movie and lose track of time. Miami claustrophobia hypnosis and Ft. Lauderdale claustrophobia hypnosis sessions create significant change and eliminate the fears that are preventing you from being able to live life the way you want and deserve to!

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