Miami Hypnosis Certification: 8 DAYS Dec. 20-23 & Jan. 17-20 (9AM-5M)

  • December 20, 2019 - December 23, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Miami Hypnosis & NLP Coaching Certification with Eli Bliliuos

I Invite You to Spend 8 Exciting Days with Me to Embark on a
Lucrative and Rewarding Career in Hypnosis & NLP Coaching!

THIS 8 DAY EVENT IS BROKEN DOWN INTO TWO- 4 DAY SEGMENTS: December 20-23, 2019 & January 17-20, 2020 9 AM – 5 PM

The NY Hypnosis Institute LLC provides comprehensive Hypnosis and NLP Coaching training in many major U.S. and European cities. Classes are designed to be both educational and experiential. You become Certified as a Hypnotist and NLP Coach practitioner after successfully completing the required 8 days of intensive class instruction and 140 hours of home/independent study. The certification includes engaging instruction as well as practice and supervision of the many techniques that are taught.Your instructor, Eli Bliliuos is a Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer, an NLP Coach Master Trainer (Neural Linguistic Programming), and a Consulting NYC hypnotist who has been certified by the International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists & Therapists, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the IACT. Upon Successful Completion of this Seminar You will Receive Certification by the Prestigious International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists & Therapists as well as the NYC Hypnosis Center

Who Should Take This Training?

This program is for anyone interested in becoming certified as a Hypnotist and/or NLP Coach, including medical practitioners and non-medical professionals alike. This training is also geared for those who soley desire personal growth.

This Program is Designed For:

  • Any and all medical professionals, who wish to enhance their skills and add NLP Coaching and Hypnosis to their practices.
  • Those who wish to begin a new career or wish to start their own private professional practice.
  • Anyone who is interested in exploring healing modalities, that some might consider “alternative”, for the purpose of making a difference.
  • Certified hypnotists or hypnotherapists who wish to increase their knowledge and learn new skills.
  • Those who seek personal growth and self-improvement

Graduates will Receive 2 Certificates of Completion Suitable for Framing

 Certification by the Prestigious International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists & Therapists as well as the NYC Hypnosis Center.

Learn How To Set Up Your Practice After You Graduate!

You will learn how to avoid common start-up mistakes, how to set market appropriate fees, and how to to sell hypnotic mp3s. The training will also include low cost and effective, marketing techniques including how to generate referrals from clients as well as from doctors, dentists, and health clubs.

Hypnosis Overview
  • The Nature of Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis terminology
  • Misconceptions
  • The hypnotist’s role
  • The Comprehensive Questionnaire
  • How to Structure a Session
  • Understanding Trance
  • The “Left Brain – Right Brain” Model
  • The “Conscious – Subconscious” Model
NLP Overview
  • Modeling
  • Sub Modalities
  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • TOTE
  • Utilizing the Questionnaire
  • The clinical pre-talk and information gathering
  • Creating Expectancy
  • Developing Leverage
  • Conversational/Disguised Hypnosis
  • Appropriate client assessment
  • Formulating actionable recommendations
  • Triggering/Utilizing internal searches
  • Effectively working with groups
  • Representational Systems
  • Rapport building methods
  • Pacing and leading
  • Pre-Framing and Re-framing
  • Empathic Environment
  • Moving Toward Pleasure or Away from Pain
  • Processes that promote successful first sessions
  • Defining clear & positive client goals
  • Making effective recommendations
  • Identifying modalities & sub-modalities
  • Anchoring methods
  • Covert pacing & anchoring
  • Trance Depth vs. Suggestibility
  • Suggestibility Exercises – discussions, demonstrations  & explanations
  • First session dynamics
  • Assessing hypnotic personality types
  • Comparison of Direct/Authoritarian and Indirect/Permissive methods
  • Factors influencing suggestibility

We offer class participants the opportunity to Rehearse direct/authoritarian & indirect/permissive suggestibility exercises.

  • Standard
  • Confusion
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Waking Hypnosis
  • Speech techniques such as “Voice Marking/Anchoring”
  • Physical movements/mannerisms
  • Direct/authoritarian & Indirect/permissive approaches – explained & demonstrated
  • “Deepening” Methods
  • Identifying Hyper-suggestibility
  • De-hypnotization Done Correctly
  • Working “with” Resistance
  • Recognizing depth in hypnosis
  • Guided Imagery Do’s & Don’ts
  • Client Specific Visualizations
SUPERVISED STUDENT REHEARSALClass participants will rehearse various induction approaches. Although class participants will receive scripts, we encourage creativity.
Exercises will include additional induction-deepening techniques, fractionation and de-hypnotization.
Specialty Areas
  • Rules of suggestion
  • Effective suggestions (Direct & Indirect)
  • Specific Techniques for
    • Stop Smoking
    • Weight Loss
    • Phobias
    • Ego Strengthening
    • Self-Confidence
    • Managing Stress
    • Pain Relief
SUPERVISED STUDENT REHEARSALRehearsal includes basic clinical hypnosis methods for stress management, stop smoking, weight loss, self-improvement, and so on…
  • Parts Work
  • Fast Phobia Method
  • Disassociation Techniques
  • Mapping Across
  • SWISH Technique
  • Guided Imagery and Healing Storytelling
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • Laughter and its role in change work
  • Forgiveness Therapy Method
  • EFT
  • Circle Technique
  • Gentle Desensitization
  • Future Pacing
  • Dickens Pattern
  • Identifying the Sensitizing Event
  • Affect Bridge
  • Calendar Method
  • Conference Room
  • Advanced Regression Techniques
  • Emotional clearing
  • Changing and removing the emotional charge from the Incident